In order to use the DALMP\Sessions you need to create an instance of it, while creating the instance you define the backend that will store the sessions and the hash algorithm used to create them.


__construct($handler = false, $algo = 'sha256')
$handler:If false uses SQLite, otherwise argument must be an instance of SessionHandlerInterface.
$algo:Allows you to specify the hash algorithm used to generate the session IDs - default sha256.

The current backends are:


The construct for each cache backend maybe be different and it is used for defining specific options like the host, port, path, etc.



If set, the value is used as an argument for the session.gc_maxlifetime with specifies the number of seconds after which data will be seen as ‘garbage’ and potentially cleaned up.


The global reference value that will be checked/used when handling sessions, every session will contain this value.

define('DALMP_SESSIONS_KEY', '4d37a965ef035a7def3cd9c1baf82924c3cc792a');

A unique key that will be used to create the store the session on Memcache/Redis backends, this is useful when working in shared hosted enviroments, basically to avoid collisions.

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